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person silhouette sitting on the top of the mountain meditating or contemplating the starr

The Climb

At Blue Moon Therapy, our mission is to help you meet all of your mental health goals in the fastest and most effective way possible.  We will help you link your emotional brain with your rational brain that way your feelings will align more with your rational thinking.  Upon completion, you will gain enough awareness to understand what caused all of your concerns to begin with.  You will also feel less triggered and much more happier.   

Trauma and Anxiety

Anxiety Levels and Severity of Symptoms 

Critical Anxiety - CPTSD, suicidal, numb, etc. -  Trauma is affecting all functioning 

Moderate Anxiety - Addiction, OCD, CPTSD, etc. - Trauma is usually suppressed

Mild Anxiety - Anxiety Disorder, difficulty sleeping, irritability, etc. - Trauma

Peace and Calm Baseline (Healthy People/No Trauma) 

Confusing and upsetting memories cause stress.  When this stress goes untreated, this turns into anxiety.  An accumulation of anxiety raises your baseline anxiety overtime.  

An overflow of anxiety may cause the brain to suppress the trauma and in return, create many maladaptive coping skills seen in disorders such as addiction, OCD, eating disorders, PTSD, chronic numbness, SI/HI, hoarding, and several other obsessive/compulsive combos.

This comes with many negative beliefs about one's self.  It will cause someone to make poor decisions, lack of trust, lack of judgment, relationship problems, people please, rage, etc.  

The earlier you seek treatment, the faster and easier it will be to treat.  Don't postpone this.  You have a whole nother world you have yet experienced and a new pair of glasses to put on.

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