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Grounding is a technique used to get the body back to neutral.  When one is triggered, negative emotions can sometimes feel intense and drive us to do things we wouldn't normally do in an effort to relieve us from the pain.  Sometimes these efforts to relieve the pain end up perpetuating the pain and it can feel like this pain isn't going to go away.  We may partake in maladaptive coping skills such as using substances, avoiding, numbing, sabotaging, etc. but those ways of coping just end up hurting us and unfortunately makes the pain grow even larger.  Grounding is a healthy and effective way to get this relief without creating more problems in the process.  It is important that we manage this pain appropriately for our entire wellbeing.  You have the power to change the way you feel and not to mention it is super simple.  One of those ways is to start incorporating grounding into your daily routine.  Grounding is all about stimulating the five senses and bringing yourself back to the present moment.  You can do this in several ways.  Going outside and connecting with the environment is very effective because outside is incredible stimulating.  Your senses like to be stimulated.  Being outside provides you with so many opportunities for your senses to be intrigued and satisfied.  

Go outside.  See if you can spot any wildlife or their tracks.  What does it smell like?  What is your favorite part of your surroundings?  Do you hear anything?  Walk around.  Go at sunrise or sunset.  Go to your favorite spot.  Pay attention to what is around you.  What kind of flowers are there?  Is it going to rain anytime soon?  


The stronger the pain, the longer one must engage in grounding.  Practicing it everyday with train your brain into preferring this skill over your other maybe more harmful coping skills.

Sometimes we may need stronger grounding that stimulates us to combat the pain such as visiting a really beautiful place like the mountains in Colorado, hiking down into the canyon in the summer, or jumping into some hot springs.  Ever wonder why we like traveling so much?  It's because of the grounding!  


It's important for your mind and body to learn that it is safe to calm down and relax.  Sometimes it gets confused and thinks that it is not safe to do this because it is afraid of what will happen if it lets go of these negative emotions.  When one is used to feeling this way the brain gets tricked into thinking that it has to leave in this state but that is wrong.  

Grounding yourself is also important when it comes to make decisions on how to handle a situation.  When we ground ourselves, we are activating our most rational wise version of ourself.  The one that is not being influenced by the emotions.  

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