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Quick way to reduce your anxiety 


First, notice how your body is feeling right now.  Check in with all of your body parts.  Notice where it feels calm and where it feels tense.  Now, that you have checked in with your body, ask yourself these questions:

1. Where do you feel the anxiety in your body?  

2. What emotions do you have other than anxiety?

3. If the anxiety had words, then what would it be saying?    

4. What is the positive intention or purpose of your anxiety int his moment?  What is it trying to do?

5. What do you need in order to not be anxious right now? 

6. What can you do to meet that need?

7. What would it take for you to have compassion for this part of you that feels anxious?

8. How do you feel now? Tense, relaxed, or the same?  

9. What are you saying to yourself now?  

Repeat this exercise and see if your body changes.  It will relax as you treat your anxiety by engaging the limbic system which manages our emotions and behaviors.  Anxiety is made up of negative beliefs which were created from negative experiences and in order to deactivate it, one must remember more positive experiences to prove the negative belief wrong.  Think of your positive experiences as being your ammunition to shoot this negative down.  

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